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Do you have a lost friend or family member currently on your mind? Perhaps you have not heard from or seen this particular person in years and it seems as though he or she simply fell off the face of the Earth. You may be feeling upset and helpless, especially if your attempts to locate this person have so far failed. Fortunately, however, there are some less-known ways that you can go about locating a friend, family member, or loved one who you have not been able to find in months, years, or even decades.

Consider Using a Background Check Service
Often times, the most difficult aspect of being able to locate a lost friend or family member is simply determining where they are currently located and how to get a hold of them. What many people do not realize is that using a background website to find this information is a very real possibility and is one that tends to work a lot better than other methods of recovering lost loved ones. While background check websites are generally used to screen a potential employee for convictions before hiring him or her, the fact remains that they can be used for location purposes as well.

How Does it Work?

If you familiar with background reports, you know that they will not only pull up information regarding the person’s criminal past such as felonies and misdemeanors, but they will also report back with the person’s most updated address and phone number on record. This is great for those who are trying to get a hold of a lost friend or family member, especially if you are sure that they do have some kind of criminal record.

So if you are interested in using a criminal background website to locate somebody, then you may be wondering what steps you will need to follow to make this happen. For starters, you will want to find a reputable website out there that offers background checks. Keep in mind that you will likely have to pay a small fee for the service, but you should not go with any company that tries to charge you more than $40 or so.

From there, all that you need to do is enter as much information about the lost person that you know. Whether it be a simple first and last name or a first, last, and middle name, you can enter this information into a form. Once you enter as much information as you can about the person, you can submit the request and instantly receive a report regarding the person’s criminal background. Furthermore, the report will contain information about his or her last known whereabouts such as address, place of employment, and even a phone number.

So before you give up hope on trying to find your lost friend or family member, be sure to consider using a background report website as a way of finding out where he or she is today.

Northside Neighbors Use Muscle To Fight Back

It was slightly more than two weeks ago when bullets continued to fly around a Northside African-American, work-ethic neighborhood. Last Spring, mothers let their girls play hopscotch on the sidewalks, and the boys would play a short-term baseball game in the streets, near the watchful eye of their big brother or sister, or mother.

Today the O’Fallon/Penrose neighborhood is on high alert, after the rash of senseless murders and violence by apparent gang warfare.

Darlene Noble was shot and killed several Tuesday mornings ago, outside a vacant four-family flat in the 4300 block of Lee Avenue. Like the last four other shootings in one week in that area, residents — including Operation Unity residents — called it a cowardly act.

More than 150 area residents have become sick and tired of the gunshots – deaths and injuries during the recent rash of shootings and high drama in the O’Fallon and Penrose neighborhoods in north St. Louis, so much they sought help from their elected officials and their police department’s gang unit.

A group fed up with the deadly violence, recently marched the streets of North St. Louis, united and led by, state Rep. Jamilah Nasheed, D-Mo., Mayor Francis Slay, Police Chief Dan Isom, James Clark, Alderman Antonio French, ministers and residents, some members of Operation Unity.

There have been at least five reported shootings, two of which were fatal, within one week in that north side neighborhood. Mayor Slay called for unity as he spoke to members of the organized prayer vigil. Those members had previously marched around the neighborhoods chanting “What do we need? Peace. When do we need it? Now.”

“What’s going on in this neighborhood is unacceptable to you and it’s unacceptable to me,” said Mayor Slay. “You should be able to walk the streets of your own neighborhoods without fear. Your children should be able to play outside without fear, and senior citizens shouldn’t have to feel afraid of leaving their homes.”

The mayor asked area ministers, community leaders and residents and to help inform the St. Louis Police department and the special gang unit about those who are causing trouble in their neighborhoods.

“We believe these are two gangs at war with each other,” said Chief Isom. “We’re going to need your help to find them and get them out of your neighborhoods.”

Isom informed the group that they have one suspect already, and are in the process of seeking a warrant for another suspect.

But, Isom said, police needed additional names. He also asked the residents to call Crime Stoppers, where they didn’t have to give their names. It’s 866-371-8477, if you believe you have information to help solve any of the recent shootings in the O’Fallon/Penrose neighborhood.

About 10 local ministers had the children, young adults, community leaders, law enforcement and elected officials to circle around an open lot at Lee and Turner, where a smaller circle was erected of ministers, who stood and began praying for the victims, family members and for safety and cooperation, as each participants began holding each another’s hands in a show of unity.

Rep. Nasheed said she was not a stranger to violence and spoke passionately about the violence that she’s seen in her own life. Nasheed said her father was killed in a drive-by shooting and her mother committed suicide at the age of 25.

“It’s going to take education and jobs to help get rid of crime in our community,” Nasheed emphasized to the concerned crowd, who surrounded her and other speakers at the corner of Lee and Turner recently. “It’s also going to take adults to start taking responsibility for the kids in the area.”

“There is no issue that we face today as important as the crisis of violence in our neighborhoods,” said James Clark, VP Community Outreach for Better Family Life, Inc. “The climate of violence and crime has crippled the neighborhoods. Our seniors are afraid to sit on their porches, we hear gunshots daily, and our young men are dying in the streets.”

Isom also told the St. Louis Argus that for the next 30 days the department is blanketing the area with patrol officers. They’ll be getting to know many of the residents, stepping up a 24/7 alert of the special gang unit to find criminals, arrest them and have them prosecuted.

After 30 days, city hall, and the police department will reassess where they are in terms of effectiveness and what steps will be taken for the next phase of operation, Isom said.

“I believe our Mayor, and Police Chief are two of the best in the country,” said Clark. “They provide resources to help. The solution to this issue will also come from the block. When men stand up on the block the violence will end.”

A Better Family Life official confided that high unemployment and high crime go hand in hand. They responded at the event by informing the crowd that through their Neighborhood Alliance, which is currently active in two St. Louis City high crime neighborhoods, helped by offering job placement and skill based training opportunities at the MET Center. Such opportunities also helped cool down tensions.